Saturday, December 16, 2006

Coldplay Returns to My Life

I walked out of Guitar Center happy with my purchases. One item being the music to Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head CD. Randall and I were heading down Mayfield road, destination lunch and I’m checking out the book. “Oh hell this isn’t the piano score, it’s for guitar. I wanted the piano.” “Well, let’s go back and exchange it.” Randall said. “Awwwww just forget it, I’d rather eat. I’m hungry.”

A couple of years later I decide to pull out Coldplay and check out the guitar chords. But the book could not be found in my standard book locations. It was an issue of being misplaced, stolen, mismanaged, mistakenly tossed, strewn about haphazardly perhaps or even set aside with disregard. Issues set aside; the point was I could not find my Coldplay book.

I called Randall, “Hey do you have that Coldplay guitar book?, I asked” “No he said.” “You sure?” “Yeah I don’t have it.” “Com on,” I said, “I must of given it to you!” “No, you did not give it to me.”

Then my daughter looms into my target sight. Dear, do you have my Coldplay guitar book I said with fatherly authority. “No, Dad” “Well would you look for it, I suggested.” She returns empty handed, “Nope don’t have it.” “What do you mean? Where did you look? “In your closet? Under you bed? Desk? Look again, you gotta have it.”

With her second return sans book, I decided to let it go. The book would find me one day.

This obviously takes us to the current holiday season, which officially begins at our house with the setting up of the Christmas tree. “Well, we have to make room for the tree. Where are we going to put this stuff?” I mused. Yeah, the dry sink cabinet, that’s the ticket!

But on opening the cabinet doors I realize that it is full. “What is all this stuff in here? Piles of magazines, envelopes, glossies and other attributes of life are pulled out. And there it was, snuggled in the confines of forgotten storage, the Coldplay book. “Hello Dan” it said. “ Randall was right!”

Like the letter from the feds that you find years later, mixed in with old telephone bills. It was just not where you expect it to be.