Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another Journal

I bought another one. This time a Moleskine ruled reporter notebook.

It happened at work during lunch. Our department had a going away party for a co worker. It was in the student union and afterwards I meandered to the bookstore. Bought a pen, the Moleskine and a magazine.

Why did I buy it? A few days ago I was trying to imagine how many books I have read in my life. What if I had kept a list?

Then a couple days later I stumbled on a story on a fella that found his father’s journals. Journals that recorded every book the father read. This weirded me out. So I decided to start another journal soon.

Now I am contemplating the rules. Not much use trying to remember every book I have read. But I could remember some of them. Could go through my bookcases. I remember reading In Cold Blood by Capote. I know I read a few Doctor Dolittle novels in elementary school.

So the first part will be an overview of what I can piece together regarding past books. Then move on from that point. I figure it will make the journal if I read at least half of it. Sometimes I keep slogging through a book because it is a classic, like The Catcher in the Rye, then I finally give up because the book stinks.

I suppose that a sentence or two will accompany each entry. A short critique. A comment or two. Or just a quick rating. So now I have another project to occupy my time.